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IT Service Management

Revolutionize Workflows with the latest ITSM Tools. Delivering solutions right!

We’re a team of experts with deep understanding and expertise across IT Service management world. We specialize in developing unique services and solutions based on your needs. Activating your organization to scale up quickly, maintain business continuity, and enable productivity.


Platforms we Specialize

Our certified Developers, Implementation experts, and Consultants who specialize in the top IT Service Management Platforms work with organisations to design, deliver and manage services to keep your organisation ahead of the curve.


01. IT Service & Business Management

Workflows, Business Management, Asset Management and Security Operations.

02. Customer Service Management
Case Management, Customer Central. Agent workspace, Omni channel,  Work Assignment.

03. Field Service Management
Dynamic Scheduling, Dispatcher workspace, Planned Maintenance, Mobile Agent etc.

04. Human Resources

Employee service center, Onboarding, Transitions, Now Mobile, Document management etc.

05. Governance, Risk & Compliance

Policy, Compliance Management, Risk Management, Vendor Management etc.

01. Incident & Problem Management

02. Multi-Cloud Service Management

03. Smart Reporting

04. Change Management

05. Release Management

06. Asset Management

07. Service Request Management

08. Service Level Management

01. Enterprise Service Management

Automatic Self Service, Cloud Expense Management, FireScope Service Performance Manager.

02. Service Management
Service Desk, Service Catalog, Mobile Service Management,  Virtual Support Agent.

03. Software Asset Management
Contract Management, Asset Management, License Management

04. Digital Workspace

Digital workspace secure, automated and service-oriented for your end users.


ITSM Service Offerings.




We ensure you have a system built to support and strengthen your business and processes.

Custom Application Development


Our Certified Developers will build you custom applications on to meet your unique business needs.

Integration and Customization


Integrating with third party applications and databases. If you have outgrown your implementation build we can customize solutions to suit your needs.

Support and Managed Services


Optimize your return on investment by utilizing our support services.

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Nortia Ventures is a global technology consulting and services company, helping enterprises scale with agility to achieve competitive advantage. By applying our deep domain knowledge and investing in tomorrow’s technology we to help clients make sense of digital complexity, drive efficiency to their business functions and bring new initiatives to market.

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