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Flexibility and adaptability are key to client success and the understanding of that is key to our culture. Our Engagement Models are solutioned to best suited our client business.



Advisors, engineers, and designers solving business challenges with innovative technology solutions. Apart from software and technology advisory lifecycle, we also help with  niche consultancy engagements,  around security, architecture, integration, optimization etc.

In the era of a constantly evolving and dynamic business environment, it is vital for your organization to have a trusted consultant by your side, to guide you through your digital transformation journey.

We have been engaged in many business transformations over the years. Our technical consultancy is based on hands-on-experience with global projects for multinational companies.

Strong Focus on:

Business Analysis

Creating Proof of Concept

Solution Design & Architecture

Planning and Managing Budgets

Project Mangement


Client Success


Managed Services.

Are you ready to face the challenges of the constantly evolving dynamic environment alone? Our Managed Services help you optimize and effectively manage your traditional IT environment to quickly adapt to changes in the business landscape.

Being among the leading providers of IT solutions for more  we, at Nortia Ventures  have proven that not only auxiliary business processes can be successfully outsourced but core business units as well!

To ensure absolute success, we create a microclimate that matches your organisational culture, so that the team efforts are absolutely aligned with your strategic goals and needs.

Strong Focus on:





Service Levels

We also do:

Fixed-price Projects

Third-party application maintenance

Third-party application testing


Dedicated Development Teams

We build and integrate strategic tech talent capacity, accelerating performance and careers. We provides a full range of services to help tech-focused organisations of any size design, expand, manage and integrate dedicated software engineering teams.

Our project-based team model is aimed at developing your technological and architectural knowledge, allowing you to take part in the entire journey and create a high-quality product.


Choose the profiles you need and have a fully operational software development team up and running in no time. This approach adds your value to our expertise to provide high-performance solutions that incorporate your vision and needs up to the very last detail.

Our Promise:

We recruit and retain talent for you

We manage all the logistics, human resources, and customer relationships

We back your success with high-performance infrastructure

You have full operational control

You define and give tasks

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Nortia Ventures is a global technology consulting and services company, helping enterprises scale with agility to achieve competitive advantage. By applying our deep domain knowledge and investing in tomorrow’s technology we to help clients make sense of digital complexity, drive efficiency to their business functions and bring new initiatives to market.

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